FG Classic

FG Classic



We offer full or partial Porsche Classic restorations, always respecting your car's heritage. Do you want your vintage car to be restored to its original factory condition? Or do you prefer a signature touch? Whichever you choose - concours, custom or street restoration - FG Classic is your specialist partner.

In our dedicated workshop we provide high-quality:

  • Bodywork: dismantling, replacing corroded areas, welding, rebuilding ...
  • Paintwork: providing a state-of-the-art finish for your car.
  • Mechanics: revising and repairing the engine, transmission and other mechanical components.
All works are done in-house to reduce waiting times and costs!


To guarantee you high-quality results, we invested in state-of-the-art equipment for our workshop, such as:

  • A spray booth
  • A soda blasting booth
  • A rollover jig
  • ...

Contact us to discuss your project!


Once your car has been fully restored, you can count on us for maintenance and repairs. Our specialists at FG are more than happy to keep your unique car running smoothly.

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